Social Media is the most effective and efficient way to give your business a strong and interactive web presence

It’s time to Invest in Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising in Perth has grown to become a leading digital marketing strategy for many local and national businesses. We can proactively target your audience on platforms that generate unparalleled results in online marketing.

The correct social media advertising strategy will allow your business to simultaneously build brand awareness and improve customer service, while increasing web traffic, driving online sales and ultimately generating a positive return on investment.

Which social network is best?

There are numerous factors at play when considering answering this question; namely, your target market. What social channels is your target market most active on? This will help refine your selection, there is little point wasting resources to develop a LinkedIn advertising strategy if you’re in the fashion industry, targeting millennials.

Another important factor are your goals. Ask yourself “What are my goals?”. The answer to this will not only help define the social network, but also the design and nature of the strategy and advertising content itself.

The most popular social media channels for advertising are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Facebook is the most popular social network, with over 1 billion daily active users. Australia has over 15 million active users. Facebook is great for B2C businesses looking to increase web traffic, online sales, engagement and brand awareness.

Twitter is another effective network to promote your business’s products and services. Target specific hashtags, users and interests relevant to your business to help increase web traffic, leads, sales and brand awareness.

LinkedIn Advertising is great for B2B (Business 2 Business) marketing. LinkedIn has highly specific targeting options including job title, employer, role, skills, and interests.

Instagram is the best social network for businesses looking to generate engagement. Engagement levels on Instagram are 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter! 18 and 34 year olds make up around 70% of total users and 60% of total users are women.

Don’t waste your money

We use advanced targeting to ensure your message is only shown to people who would be interested in your product or service, and you only pay to appear to those in your target market. Digital Union can go one step further and use social media remarking to specifically target any of your previous customers or website visitors, and tailor a specific approach accordingly.

Keep track of everything

All of Digital Union’s social media advertising packages are tracked using advanced conversion tracking. You can track every penny and see exactly how much revenue your social media strategy is generating. We will provide you with an online reporting dashboard so that you can monitor the performance of your campaigns with ease.

We have social media packages available that suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Contact us to see how we can create the perfect social media advertising campaign for your business.

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