Remarketing is your digital solution to closing sales.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is an online marketing strategy which revolves around targeting people who have expressed an interest in your product or services. Remarketing is a great way to capitalise on potential customers who have already investigated your product/service, and allows you to leverage the power of tracking software to create unique and highly targeted opportunities to drive staggering ROI figures. Here’s an example of a online shopping journey:

  1. A visitor goes to your website
  2. The visitor navigates through your website an, expressing an interest in your product or services
  3. Visitor does not complete a purchase
  4. Remarketing ads are shown to customer on both social media and Google

By specifically designing and targeting ads based on a user’s interaction with your website, displayed through the Google network and social media, remarketing allows you to target brand-aware customers, even after they’ve exited your site.

The Stats Don’t Lie

Remarketing generates some of the best results available in digital marketing. On average, 72% of shoppers abandon shopping carts without purchasing, with only 8% returning to make a purchase. However, with remarketing, 26% return to complete their purchase

  • 147% increase conversion rates
  • 1046% increase in branded search
  • 726% increase in site visits

What we achieved

Using remarketing, one of our clients in the accommodation industry achieved a staggering 6,220% ROI, investing as little as $133.55 into the campaign resulted in $8,311.19 of conversions. We targeted those users who explored the website’s pages and then navigated away, implementing a series of remarketed Facebook ads, focusing on special offers which they either may not have seen, strategically based on which pages they visited while navigating the website.

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