We’ll take care of hosting your data, you take care of hosting those who matter.

Fast, Convenient And Hassle Free

Digital Union can take data storage and platform support off your hands, with a variety of online hosting solutions. We can take your website, email, applications (including Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint) and move them out of sight, out of mind. You’ll still have access to everything you need, but maintenance, upkeep and storage is taken care of.

Having a website that you can rely on is paramount to running a stress free modern business. At Digital Union, our team of web professionals have extensive experience in data storage and website hosting. This experience ensures you receive the highest quality web hosting and website support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Secure, Safe And Sound

Did you know, over 31% of PC users lose their data every year? Imagine the headache you would experience if the same tragedy happened to your business!

Digital Union’s web hosting services ensure that stressful events like this never happen to your business. With our online web hosting solutions, we take the weight of the stress and drama off your shoulders. With your data still readily accessible, just a few clicks away as it’s always been, the difference is that your information is all locked away and backed up in case anything goes wrong, with all the maintenance and support taken care of.

Did we mention that our web hosting services are all based in Perth, Western Australia? While many other companies use third party international hosting providers, all of Digital Union’s client data and hosting solutions are delivered locally, right here in Perth.

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