Add a new dimension to your web presence

Copywriting & blogging are a fundamental part of any content marketing strategy. Want to drive more traffic to your site? Your site must be rich in engaging, interesting and relevant content. Attract consumers and build trust with professionally written articles and blogs.

Know what you want to say, but just don’t know how to put it into words?

Or perhaps you know exactly how and what you want it to say, but you want it to look nice, not just read nice? That’s where Digital Union comes in.

Digital Union can create your website content from the ground up, staying true to your business goals and values, but giving you that competitive edge to stand out and be memorable. We can populate your site with suitable content in a range of blogs, articles and content to set yourself aside from the competition and provide real, tangible value to your target market.

At Digital Union, we pool our seven years of SEO, social media marketing and content creation skills together to ensure your copy not only reads well, but is optimised for Google’s Search Engine. Not to mention, we can create content with augmented viral potential, meaning it will naturally lend itself to being shared all over social media.

Why blogs?

Blogging is a fantastic and powerful platform, which in many cases can be leveraged by your business to achieve a variety of goals. Raising brand awareness, forming identity, boosting search results and increasing relevancy are all possible through regular and concise blogging.

Digital Union’s dedicated team of writers not only string together words, they paint a picture of your company and what it stands for. Using a blog to display and distribute your business image is a powerful way to build trust with existing and potential clients. Not to mention, it dramatically helps establish you as an authority figure within your industry or niche.

Our writers will fully immerse themselves within your company so they can understand your business, the services you offer and what sets you apart from your competition. These carefully crafted messages are then placed into articles which can be shared on social media as well as your own site’s blog. This formula of quality content and distribution is a fantastic technique to build a dedicated community following within your nice or industry.

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