Every click draws a picture. Let us join the dots.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

A quote that perfectly summarises the necessity of detailed analytics and reports. Digital Union can help you answer the question and identify exactly which half is going down the drain.

Digital Union will provide you with timely reports and break it down for you in words you can understand. Certified in Google Analytics, our digital specialists can investigate your website and online marketing channels to identify exactly what is and isn’t working. We offer both professional website audits and online dashboards that deliver critical information about both your website and visitors.

0% guess work, 100% fact.

Our professional website audits are perfect for any business looking to see where they can optimise their website and online marketing strategy. Digital Union has the tools at our disposal to get the deepest, most insightful and actionable information about the way your audience is, or isn’t, receiving your digital message. We can pick your website apart from the inside out, identify the most subtle trends, and allow you to capitalise on your resources, so that together we can make an informed decision about the best solution for you.

Digital Union’s Reporting Dashboard

We have developed an online reporting dashboard that allows our you to continuously monitor the effectiveness of all your online marketing strategies in one easy and convenient dashboard. Find out which online marketing campaigns are generating the best ROI, and which online marketing campaigns need to be optimised. Our reporting dashboard allows you to monitor web analytics, social media, email marketing, SEO, AdWords, online sales and much, much more.

Digital Union Online Reporting Dashbaord

Digital Union’s Conversion Suite

Our Conversion Suite takes web analytics to the next level with heatmaps, visitor recordings, chat, form analytics, polls and conversion funnels. You can track visitors from the moment they enter your site until the moment they leave. Did a visitor leave your site without converting into a lead or customer? This invaluable customer feedback is provided though tracking their every move to see not only where, but why they left your website. Our Conversion Suite allows you to optimise your site improving the experience for your website visitors and driving conversions.

Our Conversion Suite automatically records every visitor on your site. You can see exactly how each visitor navigates through your site from the moment they land until the second they leave.

See how all your website visitors are clicking, scrolling, reading and interacting with your website in one clear picture.

Our chat functionality let’s you have one-on-one interaction with your website visitors. Talk your visitors through your checkout process or inform them of promotional incentives. With powerful features including multiple operators, canned responses and auto invites, our chat functionality provides additional value to any website.

Conversion Funnels
Quickly and easily see how many visitors are converting and where the rest are dropping off. Identifying drop off pages lets you optimise your website and improve the user experience.

Form Analytics
See how many people view your form and how many actually fill out your form. The detailed report lets you see what fields are causing issues and resulting in drop offs.

It’s never been easier to get customer feedback. Our simple yet effective polls gather important feedback from your customers. Set your polls to show on every page, selected pages or when the visitor tries to leave your site.

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