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A quick Google search will confirm what analysts have been predicting for years; mobile and apps will soon become the primary means of accessing information. “But I don’t need an app, I have a mobile optimised website!” A mobile optimised website is an excellent and vital foundation, but it is no longer a source of competitive advantage, it’s simply keeping you in the game.

Apps ensures effective, consistent and timely communication with customers. And better yet, your business is always just a finger tip away.

So why should your business take the plunge? For starters, you’ll be appealing to the Millennials. Those born from the 1980 until today, otherwise known as Generation Y, Generation Z or grouped as “Millennials” make up over 40% of Australia’s population. In a recent study by Oracle, 73% of Millennials favour purchasing from a business’ app, 71% like being able to manage their billing from an app, and 65% like being able to contact a business for support via an app.


Millennials account for almost half of Australia’s population.

However, Millennials’ favour towards apps is fragile, with 55% saying a poor app experience would put them off purchasing from that brand in the future. This means your app must be responsive, engaging and represent your business accurately in order to provide value.

But the Millennial market isn’t the only source of value for apps. Baby Boomers currently comprise 42% of the population, but attribute to 76% of the workforce, which is a largely untapped market for Business To Business (B2B) apps. Sure, your average Millennial is more likely to replace the “Buy 10 Get 1 Free” coffee stamp card with a loyalty app at Starbucks, but an app catered for simplicity can be an excellent tool to close a business sales, catered towards those who are making decisions.


Digital Union developed an App for Midland Brick, replacing their .pdf information packages with interactive calculators, easing the quoting process

So why not take a leap ahead from your competitors and get into the app game, today? Whether your goal is to create additional features and have a direct communication channel with Millennials, or an app designed for simplicity and efficiently communicating information for B2B sales, Apps Perth are guaranteed to be a valuable tool in your mobile arsenal.

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