Social Media is the most effective and efficient way to give your business a strong and interactive web presence

With social media existing in all shapes and sizes, it can be a daunting task to introduce your business to social. Fortunately, Digital Union’s Social Media packages are perfect for businesses looking for a comprehensive, 360 degree approach to online marketing, focusing on content optimised specifically for each network, to deliver results.


The most popular social network, and the foundation of any Social Media Perth strategy. Facebook allows you to post updates in the form of text, videos, photos and links, however, only reaches a small portion of your network, known as “likes”. While the free, or “organic” reach is limited, it can be maximised by providing high quality, optimised content, with more engagements (likes, comments and shares) resulting in more of your network having your update appear in their newsfeed.

Facebook content should be delivered 3-10 times per week, focusing on quality over quantity.Social Media Perth

There are over 1.4 billion monthly active Facebook users. (Image Source: Social Media Satisfied)

Facebook also has an extensive advertising system, allowing users to “boost” posts to reach more users, supported by a comprehensive analytics system. This allows content to be served to users who haven’t liked your page, and can be completely customised based on how much you want to spend on any given period, targeting users based off a range of attributes, such as demographics, usage behaviour, or being connected to other pages of your choosing. This is a great opportunity to reach new users who you feel would be interested in purchasing your product or service.


With over 300 million active users per month, Instagram has taken over Twitter as the world’s second most popular social network. Exclusively available for mobile devices, Instagram content is exclusively visual, with all content being delivered in the form of images or videos.

Instagram has the highest engagement rate of any Social Media Perth platform, 60x greater than Facebook and 120x greater than Twitter!Social-Media-Perth

Instagram offers some of the best photo editing filters available on mobile devices (Image Source: Mobi4All)

While advertising isn’t yet available for the public (only a select few partners are trialing their new advertising services), Instagram is a valuable marketing tool, as content reaches 100% of followers. With built in image editing software and filters, it is easy to present content in a visually appealing way, and with the use of hashtags and Instagram’s “Discover” feed, it is easy to be found by people looking for content like yours. Plus, with the ability to “follow” users, as well as the ability to engage with them, it is a valuable tool for emerging companies to gain an online following and for users to become brand aware.


The birthplace of the hashtag revolution featuring the iconic blue bird, Twitter is a must-have for businesses who are looking to engage with their customers. Built around fast paced conversations, “Tweets” are 150 max. character “microblogs” which users post to their followers. The use of hashtags is an integral part of Twitter, with users not only following their network, but following trending topics, searched for using #hashtags.

There is no maximum to how many times you should tweet per day. Quantity over quality, keeping up with the hottest topics are the best way to be heard and stay relevant.Social_Media_Perth

Twitter is a dynamic social hub with an average of 6,000 Tweets per second. (Image Source: Feedstetch)

Twitter is easy to use, and is a fantastic platform for personifying your brand, and engaging in a back and forwarth with customers. You can even “@reply” users who you feel may be interested in your brand, even if they haven’t followed your account. Twitter may not be as popular as Facebook and Instagram in Australia, but there are a large amount of highly active Tweeters, who people turn to as social influencers. Get them to retweet your content and become brand ambassadors, and you’re well on the way to Twitter success.

There is no one “best” social network to use for business, with each network having its benefits, drawbacks and limitations.

This is why a comprehensive, 360 degree approach is recommended by Digital Union, to leverage the advantages of each network to accomplish both short and long term goals. Contact Digital Union today to discuss starting a successful social media campaign.

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