Mobile friendly websites are a must with mobile SEO becoming important for buisnesses

Mobile marketing isn’t the future, Mobile marketing is now.

In 2014, we saw mobile internet usage overtake desktop internet usage. Over a year since the scales were tipped, Google has announced news to change the mobile game significantly. This article will go over the fundamental changes and provide resources to those who want to find out more about these changes, and to learn how mobile SEO Perth is vital for your business’ success.

More mobile friendly websites in search results

Google have announced that as of April 21st 2015, its algorithms will be altered for mobile device users, allowing them to “easily find mobile-friendly web pages”. What does this mean? It means that websites which have a mobile optimised version will rank higher on mobile searches than those who don’t, making a mobile platform a core requirement of mobile SEO.

Some may think; so what? It’s only mobile, and desktop is what’s important. Not in 2015. To retain your business’ competitive advantage, Mobile SEO is vital.

More and more emerging studies are showing the value of targeting users on their mobile devices, in particular, their search behaviour and how it differs in the stages of the buying cycle when compared with desktop. The results speak for themselves, and when you stop and think about it, they make a lot of sense.

Half of mobile users say “if a retailer’s website isn’t responsive, they’ll stop using it” (Responsys). With more and more users reaching for smartphones and tablets in their leisure time, such as on morning commutes or late in the evening, it is important for them to be able to find and be exposed to your brand across all interconnected platforms.

More relevant app content in search results

Mobile apps are on the rise, and are becoming increasingly valuable for businesses to stay connected with those who care about their brand. On top of the trends that 2014 told us, that users are spending the vast majority of their time on apps vs mobile web browsers, and this is on the rise. Infact, studies show that up to 89% of time is spent on apps when using a mobile device, on average approximately 30 hours a month.

Not only do apps allow businesses to maintain connection with customers and to offer their services conveniently, but will now influence a user’s search results outside the mobile application. As of today, users that are signed into an app will have results from that app indexed higher in search results. This means that getting users to download your app and engage with it regularly will result in your content being at their finger tips in mobile searches, as well as on their home screen.

This is not a reason to completely abandon desktop, it is a reason to start a multi-platform approach to expanding your brand. Contact Digital Union today to discuss how implementing a responsive mobile SEO website and brand mobile application can be an effective part of your brand’s marketing strategy in Perth.

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