Digital Marketing in Australia and New Zealand in 2013

Digital Union recently received a copy of Sitecore’s “Emerging Digital Marketing Trends” paper.
The report gives an extensive look at Digital Marketing Stats in Australia and New Zealand for 2013.

Some of the key takeaways are below:

  • Digital Marketing is no longer niche
  • The power of Web Analytics is not being leveraged
  • Digital ROI measurement is still in process (websites visits viewed as primary success measure, with 20% not measuring ROI at all).
  • smaller companies tend to not track ROI from Digital Marketing activities
  • 60% of mid-size companies continue to be impressed by the outcomes achieved by their digital marketing efforts

For information on how your business can leverage web analytics to both measure and drive return on investment, please fill out our contact form here.

Source: Emerging Digital Marketing Trends –  Australia & New Zealand 2013 – Sitecore


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