Three of the most common mistakes made by businesses on Facebook

At Digital Union, we’re approached by many clients requiring help to leverage social media to create more traffic, leads and sales for their business. After auditing over 40 small business’ Facebook marketing strategies, we believe the following to be the three most common mistakes made on Facebook:

  1. Using the page purely as a sales channel
  2. Posting content that is lacking in quality
  3. Not building a relationship with your community

These mistakes are costly to a page’s success for many reasons, especially if you’re trying to monetise your Facebook page or use it as a sales funnel to increase traffic to your website. When mixed together, they’re bad enough to cause mass exodus from any page. Let’s have a look at why.

1. Using the page purely as a sales channel:

Facebook is a social network. It’s not eBay. It’s not Amazon. It’s not Alibaba.

Before creating any post on your page, you need to ask yourself –  “Why are people actually on Facebook in the first place?

Facebook is designed to keep you connected with your friends and family and provide this information to you in the most user friendly way possible. Unlike your eBay’s and Amazons, people don’t go to Facebook with buyer intent, they go to socialise.

The way most people see your sales content in their Newsfeeds is similar to how you see an arrogant stranger that interrupts your conversation to talk about themselves; unfavourably. While you may be polite and entertain the stranger at first, it’s likely you’ll be proactively avoiding them in the future.

2. Posting content that is lacking in quality 

Facebook strives to serve you with the most quality content that it thinks you will Like and engage with, because after all, the more time you spend on the platform and engage, the more likely you are to click on one of its ads and feed its bottom line. Therefore it’s in Facebook’s best interest to only serve you what it thinks you will like the most, and hide everything else. Thus, only posting low quality sales content is guaranteed to lose you engagement, Likes and ironically, sales.

Therefore, creating content that is engaging and centres around what your community cares about (while remaining on brand) is guaranteed to increase the success of your page.

3. Not building a relationship with your community

Failing to build relationships with your community through Facebook will make it difficult to make anyone care enough to engage with your page’s content. However trivial, building these relationships with your consumers is essential to your success on Facebook, and in time, you will be rewarded with a loyal community, all primed to buy.

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